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Wrist Wraps For Weightlifting

Reeva makes and provides the best lifting wraps for your heaviest push days, whether you’re into powerlifting, bodybuilding, CrossFit, gymnastics, or Olympic lifting. Like traditional wrist wraps and strength wrist wraps, lifting wraps provide incredible stability when performing push or overhead movements.

If you’re training or bodybuilding, you’ve seen people at the gym rely on these wrist wraps to give stability and support while pushing for their max rep.

For cross-functional training athletes, adjustable wrist wraps provide support without constricting wrists for a full range of motion. Reeva offers premium wrist wraps for multiple weightlifting movements in a variety of color options. 

What are Wrist Wraps? 

Wrist wraps can be confusing especially when there are so many choices on the market. Wrist wraps are made to provide support and stability to the wrist joints.

Reeva wrist wraps come in a set of two, made of durable cotton and elastic material, with each wrap measuring a certain length that determines how many times it will wrap around your wrist and how sturdy of support you would be looking for. Each wrist wrap includes a durable thumb loop at one end and an attachment strip band at the end. 

What to look for in Wrist Wraps? 

When making your decision for wrist wraps, carefully review the quality and longevity of the material of the wrist wraps. Traditional Velcro wrist wraps are made with high-grade material (like cotton and elastic) designed for durability and longevity.

Look for wrist wraps that give you an adequate amount of support. Remember that wrist wraps are typically used when maxing out movements on the bench press, shoulder press, or most push movements.  

What are Wrist Wraps For?

Reeva lifting wrist wraps are built for enhanced support, stabilization, and comfort. Our lifting wrist wraps can be crucial to getting the most out of any strength training routine. Whether you’re into powerlifting, strength training, bodybuilding, or just need more support, there is a lifting wrap set for you. Listed in the menu above is our complete catalog of durable wraps that will support your wrists during any heavy lifting.