Should you be using wrist wraps?

Should you be using wrist wraps?

When it comes to weightlifting or other forms of physical training, people often focus on their thighs, shoulders and abs but forget about their wrists. All daily activities require good wrist flexibility, so it's important to keep them in mind!

The wrists are important for workouts. They're needed for lifting, gripping, and twisting. That's why these areas deserve protection and maintenance to keep them flexible, strong and mobile

Wrist wraps can shield your wrists from developing conditions. People develop such conditions because of high-volume and pressing activities. These wraps also provide increased wrist support and compression, allowing you to lift heavier weights without injury

Wrist wraps help promote stability and prevent excessive bending. This allows for longer holds or repetitions in either, yoga or weightlifting, while also helping to reduce feelings of pain in the wrists. 


The question is, at what instances is wrist wraps use beneficial?

Wrist wraps are a useful asset to any high-intensity training. They take pressure off your wrists and forearms when lifting heavy loads. Plus, wrist wraps are intended for workouts that involve a lot of repetition and can ensure that your wrists don't get fatigued to the point of being unable to continue.

Whatever exercise you are undertaking, wraps provide a lot of comfort and assistance. Whether you're a beginner doing squats or a pro performing deadlifts, wraps are a logical investment for yourself. They offer support for push press, bench press and more.

Wrist wraps are tailor-made for calisthenic exercises such as barbell rows, dumbbell rows and other weighted, low-impact exercises to protect yourself from injury.

Your wrists should be given focus in calisthenics. They are used for various movements and neglecting this area will only bring injury or worse. Wearing a pair of wraps will increase mobility, allowing you to make the most from your exercises, such as:

  1. Handstand Holds

  2. Handstand Push-Ups

  3. Explosive Push-Ups

  4. Explosive Muscle Ups

  5. 90-Degree Push-Ups

  6. One-Arm Pull-Ups

  7. Single-Arm, L-Sit Hold 

For handstands and push-ups, you need to be pressing your palms on the ground. The weight of your body falls entirely over the place where you are putting your hands. Plus, wrists can get really strained if these exercises are done for a long time.

Wrist wraps can be worn to provide pressure on the wrist and give relief. They should provide support and stability when in use. One of the benefits is that you will have increased confidence due to the safety they offer.

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