How tight should knee sleeves be?

How tight should knee sleeves be?

One of the best things you can do for extra support during a workout would be to wear knee sleeves – they offer protection, compression, and warmth so that your knees are always comfortable.

Knee wraps are a key aspect of any sport or activity where knee support and protection is needed. They’re often used by powerlifters because they provide quick stability and support from heavy loads. So you can get the extra support and confidence when lifting the weights and squatting, which is important both to your physical health and to your overall peace of mind.

Knee sleeves need to provide just enough support so you don't feel like they're inhibiting your movements. You want them to have just enough levels of compression, but not so much that they cut off blood circulation or leave an uncomfortable feeling in the joint.

The right way to use knee sleeves is the key to getting more benefits and results. Be sure you’re wearing them the right way to help maximize your efforts.



Before you get knee wraps, make sure you measure where the knee bend would be – use a flexible type of tape measure, keep your leg straight, and see which size is nearest on the chart below

If you’re in between sizes, say at 14 inches, we would recommend going for the smaller size. In this case, that would be a M-sized comfort fit instead of L. You want them tight – not loose – otherwise you won’t get the support and compression in that area. And make sure the quality of your knee support is good enough to avoid excessive wear on your new knee sleeves.



Reeva Europe offers 5mm, 6mm and 7mm knee sleeves that are versatile enough for a range of activities. The 5mm options are great for general use, running, or gym workouts. If you need support in more intense activities like gymnastics or jogging then we recommend the 7mm sleeve. This is the more versatile option for those who need to be agile. Our 7mm thickness is tougher, making it better for weightlifting-type activities as well.



The tight fabric means it is a bit more difficult to put the sleeves on. I usually fold the sleeve in half and then pull them up to the desired area, but other than that they are really easy to slip on.

You can then slide your tights inside out up over your foot, pull them up till they hit just below the knee, and then place the tights on top of your knee.



No way. First off, you wear a knee wrap on your knee while a knee sleeve goes around the leg. But that's not all! Knee wraps and sleeves are different in many other ways. One key difference is knee sleeves provide more warmth so you can workout comfortably.


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