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What should I pay attention to when buying boxing gloves?

When choosing boxing gloves, it is important to pay attention to the right size and fit. The gloves should fit your hands well, but should also not be too tight. In addition, the weight of the gloves is also important.

Lighter gloves are often suitable for speed training, while heavier gloves offer more protection during sparring or competitions. Also choose gloves with good padding to prevent injuries. Finally, don't forget to look at the material and quality of the gloves so that you can enjoy your purchase for a long time.

What size boxing gloves do I need?

Do you want to buy good boxing gloves? Then, of course, the size is not unimportant. The size is expressed in ounces (Oz). 

One Oz is about 28.3 grams. The heavier the glove, the bigger it is.

What size gloves you need depends on the size of your hands. Often, an estimate can also be made based on your body weight or height. In short:

✓ Boxing gloves with higher oz value have more padding, but are heavier and less flexible.

✓ Lighter kickboxing gloves have less padding, but are easier to use because of their lighter weight.

At Reeva Europe, we have boxing gloves in the following sizes:

  • 12 oz
  • 14 oz
  • 16 oz
  • 18 oz

What material is best for boxing gloves?

Leather boxing gloves are generally better and last longer than gloves made of synthetic materials. They ensure your hands and wrists are protected during sparring to prevent injuries. 

Leather kickboxing gloves fit better the more often you use them. They are then more comfortable and have a better fit. If you box seriously and train often, leather kickboxing gloves are a smart addition to your kit.

Boxing gloves for your first training

When starting boxing, it is important to choose the right boxing gloves. This is especially true for your first workout.

Kickboxing gloves protect your hands and wrists while striking. They also help you punch harder by making a good fist. In addition, they increase the impact of your punches. Therefore, always choose kickboxing gloves that fit well and are of good quality. 

Are you just starting with boxing and train once or twice a week on average? Then our PU (synthetic leather) boxing gloves are the best choice. 

Relatively speaking, they are cheaper than boxing gloves leather and are therefore an excellent entry-level model. They are available between €29.95 and €59.95, making them excellent beginners' gloves.

Professional boxing gloves for advanced boxers

If you are more experienced and train more often, we recommend upgrading to kickboxing gloves made of leather.

Leather boxing gloves are more durable and offer better protection for your hands and wrists while boxing. They also mould to your hands better the more often you use them. In addition, leather boxing gloves generally have a better fit and provide a more comfortable boxing experience. 

Buy good leather kickboxing gloves if you box seriously and train often for the best results. They are a bit more expensive, but the quality and durability make it well worth it. Always choose boxing gloves that suit your level and training frequency for the best boxing experience.